Don't ask about my music ( feat black minor )

by Professor Dubz, Black Minor

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[ Verse : Black Minor ]

I'm scorching above the quivering lips of the himalayas
I'm torching ya globe with revelation of the god mayas
Don't get me wrong but ma flow is spectacular and flawless
So i set this song, i use rap as vernacular ta draw sketch

I just don't give a fuck i spit the word like The real shady
Rhymes are tough my lines are rough on cunts ta nail these ladies
I'm getting hard between concave ta play w/ thees twin babies
Bitch ! shut the fuck up and let me come in between ya leggies

I'm like a dog when i fuck pussies ta spread the rabies
My psyche is rogue i strike like slug ,you ain't a thread but maybe
A bitch who keeps barking up the wrong tree, slowly
Without further ado or any delay play ma song bitch

[ Hook ]

Don't ask about my music

[ Verse : Professor Dubz ]

I can feel ya hits energizing with bull but exits with shits
If ya can't resist my flow then you fool stop coz ya diss missed
I'm like ray j who's rocking ya kim Kardashians butt face
You nut case pack up thy suitcase before i hit ya with chris fists

My flow increases like temperature and attempt a pressure
It'll melt ya meat head when i spit straight ta contempt ya nature
I may sound heinous like ma penis butt fuck ya bitch creature
Coz ya keep spitting shit like Anus w/ gayness ta feel pleasure

Twat you get Dildo to feel hole under your belly button show
Ima call you soft its coz Girl u slut can give my mutton blow
You can lick nuts and thick puss but would never ever spit flow
Ma raps splits thoughts ya gets hiccups coz ya ain't got savior spirit ho

I'ma monster who increases beats inside the body with fear
First listen then read my lyrics coz that's how you study with ear
If you can't get ma words set the source from thesarus on ma own
You better use Colgate ta brush up ma chords over thy dome

[ Hook ]

Don't ask about my music


released November 18, 2013




Professordubz Kathmandu, Nepal

I’ve been rapping since I was 15 listening to some of the accomplished rappers like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Eminem, Nas whom I regard my major influences.

Apart from rapping/freestyling I compose melodies (Hiphop/Rap/R&B). I am always loyal to the art.
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